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Many people think that there is something more interesting and fresh than standard measured relationships. Therefore, such people listen to their inner voice and choose new fetishes for themselves. Since fetishes are different, and there are so many of them, for example, medical fetishism, power fetishism, sexual fetishism, and one article is not enough to tell about all of them. Therefore, this post is all about sexual fetishism and will cover the most popular sex fetishes.

To dive into the topic of sex fetish, you need to define what sexual fetishism is. This is when a person is aroused by non-living objects, such as clothes, shoes, things made of a certain material, parts of a person’s body, etc. The most important thing in sexual fetishism is not so many objects as actions with them.

This phenomenon is not new and is widespread enough. Thus, there are billions of members in the fetish community, resulting in more and more fetish adult sites appearing every day. All fetish websites are different from vanilla dating sites, where users are looking for like-minded people and lovers of the same perversions as they are. Users of adult fetish sex sites are members of the BDSM community, foot fetish hookup, voyeur, and cuckold lovers.

One of the most common types of sexual fetish involving non-genital sex is foot fetish. Foot fetish is sexual attraction to the feet, the appearance of the foot, touching it, taste, the smell of the skin of the feet and toes, movement of the fingers, and the temperature of the foot can cause arousal. Basically, it is considered exclusively male and has existed for more than one century.

Foot Fetish 

Choosing Fetish Websites

There are hundreds of niche platforms for fetish lovers today. The best foot fetish websites have photos and video galleries of foot fetish girls in stockings and barefoot jeans. In addition, these sites have many powerful features so that clients of these platforms can find a foot fetish connection. One of the most commonly used features of these sites is various foot fetish chat rooms, where people get together and discuss their fetishes. There are both free foot fetish sites and paid ones, but they all have a handy fetish dating app that customers can always stay online with. Thanks to the “foot fetish near me” feature, you can always track people who are nearby.

Kinks and BBW Fetish Sites


Another equally well-known sexual attraction is BDSM. Perhaps everyone has heard about this pervert hobby, even if he has not tried it and understands little of what it is. BDSM can be divided into three broad subcategories: masochism, dominance, and discipline. From the outside, it may seem that this is the violence of one person against another, but you may be surprised that these roles excite fans of this addiction.

This is a kind of theatrical performance with a clearly agreed upon scenario in advance, and if something does not go according to plan, then there is always a stop word. This sexual experience is suitable for those who crave a thrill. BDSM sites connect lovers of this fetish so that people give pleasure to each other. Thanks to this hobby, many people test how willing they are to entrust their bodies to a partner and thereby become more open and courageous in the future.


Another interesting fetish that should be mentioned in this review is the BBW fetish. This fetish has a scientific name – lipophilia. Lovers of fat and obese people think they are sexier and do not adhere to modern ideals of 90-60-90. Such people love soft women with large shapes. Today, curvy ladies are becoming more and more popular. Thus, more and more fashion shows of XXL models are held, and even a TV show is where participants of larger sizes compete for the title of the best XXL model.


Blindfold or amaurophilia is sexual arousal that a person experiences during sex in complete darkness or while blindfolded. This fetish is very common, and many have tried it at least once. Some people enjoy blindfold because it’s just fun. Others during this time may imagine that they are having sex with another partner. An interesting feature of this fetish is that only one person should be blindfolded, thereby showing his trust in his partner.

Fetish Dating Sites

In the modern world, more and more people make coming out and openly talk about their sexual addictions. Previously, this was considered shameful and wrong, whereas now, more and more people accept others as they are. Fetishists are no exception. By and large, each of us has our own fetish about which we try to hide.

For such people, dating sites for adults are created; thus, everyone can calmly talk about their desires and, at the same time, support them and share their views on life. All people who register on fetish sites want is to get their fill of fun. We have selected great online fetish resources that you can use. Each of them has many years of successful experience in the adult dating industry, a large membership base, and a high level of trust in their clients, fetish apps.

  • BDSMDateLink – BDSMDateLink is for lovers of various fetishes, namely BDSM. The main concept of the site is a gathering of people with common interests to embody their fantasies. BDSMDateLink has a very user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation that makes it easy to use. As soon as you join the site, you will immediately feel all its advantages. Here you can change partners every day. The site is a real find for everyone who wants to bring bright colors to their gray life. With the help of BDSM chat, everyone can share their secret desires with others. A huge selection of women with different preferences allows everyone to satisfy all their sexual needs. The platform is reliable; therefore, it ensures the safety of all user data. If you are looking for a fetish community, then BDSMDateLink is a great option.
  • MenWhoLikeBigWomen – As the name implies, this site specializes in BBW fetish lovers. MenWhoLikeBigWomen is a niche online resource, so it is relatively small but has active users who appreciated the company’s efforts to popularize this fetish. If you also love big women with huge shapes, then MenWhoLikeBigWomen is worth your attention. This is an international platform, so you can meet fatties from different countries here.
  • Perversions – Perversions is the next site on our list of fetish sites. The Perversions website is neatly designed and easy to use. It has an accurate search engine, which will easily find partners with who you will have a high degree of mutual sympathy with. The platform has a number of powerful and effective features, such as private webcams, fetish chat, various blogs, etc. Registration is free, but to access everything the site has to offer, you’ll need to upgrade your membership to Silver or Gold. Silver members can view other users’ profiles, receive and send messages, and appear in search results. Gold users have the same features as silver users and also get unlimited access to live streams of models and video archives.
  • BiCupid – BiCupid is a popular adult site that belongs to the Cupid Media family. BiCupid was launched in 2001, and since then, the site has been used by people looking for non-standard vanilla sites. With an impressive membership base, you can easily find representatives of the BDSM community, the LGBT community, and other lovers of various kinks here. Registration is free, like on most other dating sites nowadays. The site also has its own mobile app. If you are looking for a reliable site with an excellent reputation, which is also considered one of the leaders in the field of bi sex dating, then hurry up to create your account on BiCupid. Registration is fast and free; all you need to do is fill in the required fields, a profile and start looking for hotties for a hookup.
  • Alt – Alt is another worthwhile fetish site that knows how to make its clients happy. Alt offers its users the BDSM chat functionality, which is the most popular on the platform. Thanks to this feature, men can communicate via video and press different buttons for different kinks. Thanks to a smart algorithm, the system provides various types of searches that allow users to select partners according to their preferences. This feature is only available to paid users, but with it, you can find what you need.

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At the end of this review, it should be said that there are many more fetishes, and we have touched on only the most popular of them. To find your fetish, all you need to do is choose one of the sites presented in this review and create an account. After registration, you will get free access to all the main features, but if you think that they are not enough, then you can purchase a paid subscription. All premium users receive different privileges depending on the site you choose.


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