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A polyamorous relationship is the mutual consent of the two to have a relationship on the side. The main tenet of the polyamorous lifestyle is to remain faithful to your main partner emotionally and not violate previously agreed boundaries. Also, these people who are not ready to have one single sexual partner all their lives and refuse to live according to generally accepted canons strive to understand and respect their soulmates. Polyamory has several advantages. Unlike standard relationships where partners accept potential partners of their second half as a threat, polyamorous relationships are based on the fact that this is diversity and a benefit to them.

Many polyamorous couples can live in monogamous relationships for a long time, but at some point in time, they still find the relationship on the side. As a rule, in order to find like-minded people, they register on niche poly-friendly dating sites. On such adult sites, you can easily meet different representatives of non-traditional sexual tastes. There is also an LGBT community and swingers, unicorns, and adherents of poly dating.

Most free poly dating sites have a polyamorous dating app to make it easier to use the service in full and benefit from it. To become a member of the polyamorous relationship dating site, you need to create an account, fill out a profile, and add a photo. The main difference between great polyamorous adult sites is that there are no condemnations on the topic of cheating or other criticism of shared love for adults. All adult site users are adults and conscious people who simply have their own worldview and want to live their own way.


Forms Of Polyamory

Today, there are a huge number of polyamorous forms, and it is difficult to tell about all in one review. We have chosen the most popular forms and studied all their subtleties and differences. There are groups, open, mixed, polyamorous triads, quartets, unicorns, etc. Participants in a polyamorous relationship can have a primary and secondary partner and can also find a so-called unicorn partner.

Most of the forms of polyamorous relationships encountered in practice are hybrids and include elements of several forms at once, which is great. Common to all forms of polyamory is the voluntary provision of one other romantic partner or intercourse with another partner. Let’s take a closer look at poly shapes.

Group Forms

This type includes the well-known name “Swedish family” when partners are in a relationship with more than 2 people and coved the relationships inside the group. Also, this type includes polygamy among Arab sheiks, where everyone agrees to such a story. The number of groups may increase, but this happens after the general agreement of all participants. Some groups allow for the possibility of changing their composition with the consent of all group members.

As discussed earlier in this overview, polyamorous relationships are built on trust and full understanding and respect for partners. So there is the full agreement of all parties. Also, sometimes couples get tired of the same story and look for a “unicorn” to diversify their sex life. A unicorn is a person who is ready to become a partner for both a man and a woman in a pair. They can meet separately or in three. The main feature of the unicorn is the voluntary fulfillment of all the couple’s desires.

Open Forms

There are other polyamorous dating rules in this style. The adherents of this form agree to open relationships with other partners without a clear framework for their number and degree of importance. In addition, people who choose to live openly spend less time quarreling and live peacefully in harmony with themselves and their partner. Within the framework of such a union, each of the spouses can maintain their independence and individuality. This type of relationship is relatively new and originated in the early 70s. The main principle of such an open relationship is not to consider connections with other partners or their communication on various polyamorous sex sites as cheating.

Mixed Forms

As a rule, mixed forms of polyamory combine monogamous and polyamorous partners. Each monogamous adult maintains a monogamous relationship with exactly one person but does not require the same from his partner. The latter may have multiple love and sexual relationships. Some forms of polyamorous relationships are sometimes described by geometric shapes, taking into account the number of participants and connections between them: a triangle, a square, as well as the Latin letters V, W, and N.

Choosing A Polyamory Dating Site

In today’s world, more and more people believe that monogamous marriages no longer meet their needs, and as a result, poly-friendly adult dating sites are being created for adult people. There are both free adult polyamorous dating sites and paid ones, but they all specialize in connecting polyamorous clients from all over the world.

Many people think that such a relationship is frivolous and doomed to failure, but these have their own point of view on this matter. Professional polyamorous websites make a dream come true for like-minded people who can communicate openly and maintain polyamorous relationships. This makes them happy.

Best Polyamory Dating Sites

We have conducted a detailed study of a dozen polyamorous sites and compiled a list of the good polyamorous sites for sex lovers.

  • PolyamorousPassions – PolyamorousPassions is a polyamorous adult dating site that is not designed for sexual encounters but for finding like-minded people for communication and polyamory meetup. This is a kind of analog of the popular social networks, only a niche one. Registration is free; you can either create a new account or register using your Facebook page. PolyamorousPassions also has many other powerful free features through which platform users get to know each other.
    One of the most popular services on PolyamorousPassions is a polygamous chat room, where groups of polyamorous people gather and communicate on common interesting topics. There is also the popular free online adult chat, through which site users can communicate, send photos and videos. Another thing that makes this polyamorous site unique is that it has a polyamorous message board, where anyone can leave any message for the rest of the platform to see. If you strive to find a polyamorous dating and social networking site where you can easily meet polyamorous sex fans, then PolyamorousPassions is worth your attention.
  • BeyondTwo – BeyondTwo is another polyamory date site on our list. Like PolyamorousPassions, it works like a social network. BeyondTwo has a large user base, so you can easily find lovers of open relationships, swingers, unicorns, etc. Judging by a large number of positive reviews from the platform’s clients, it becomes clear that PolyamorousPassions is a reliable online resource. Although this polyamorous site does not have a modern and attractive design, it is very simple and straightforward to use. The site has focused on working effectively and connecting polyamorous people in one place so that they can find like-minded people with whom to build open relations. Also, this polyamorous platform is trying in every way to popularize this type of story and show that it is great, just different;
  • ThreesomeFriendFinder – as the name suggests, ThreesomeFriendFinder is a polyamorous site made for married couples looking for new sensations to refresh their boring and monotonous family life. Also, this great adult site is used by lovers of threesome sex. This is a great place for unicorn hunters. All you need to find a third person is to create an account at ThreesomeFriendFinder, complete a profile, and share your hobbies and expectations of being on the adult site. Most of the features are free, but you can also purchase a premium subscription, so you can catch the attention of other couples, singles, and unicorns;
  • SwapFinder – SwapFinder is another great polyamorous site that specializes in romantic and sexual relations for groups of 3 people and more. Here, you can easily find lovers of open relations, unicorns, swingers. Also, as it became clear from the name, swap partners are often practiced here to get new unforgettable sensations. Most of the users of this polyamorous online resource are people who like to experiment. SwapFinder is multifunctional; here, you can flirt and exchange messages, give virtual gifts. You can also prioritize a paid subscription, and then you can use the “hot list” to get a larger pool of potential partners;
  • AdultFriendFinder.com – AFF is one of the leaders in polyamory dating for sex loves. It has a huge membership base o. Most of the members are members of the LGBT community, swingers, cuckolds, as well as gays and lesbians. If ordinary relations are boring, and you are targeted toward something new and fresh, then join AFF; this polyamorous site is made just for people who think outside the box and broader. By becoming one of the participants, you can easily find like-minded people with whom you can make your deepest fantasies come true.

Conclusion On Free Polyamory Dating Sites

Summing up on polyamory sites, it became clear that finding a polyamorous partner is a fairly simple task. You just need to choose one of the adult online resources presented in this article and create an account.


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