An Introduction To Philippines Dating And Where To Find A Filipino Dating Site

In the general sense, love is a limitless phenomenon that brings about real feelings and genuine emotions. It is an integral part of human existence and a natural phase that is expected of every human. Love is universal, yet it is exceptional.

The best thing about love is it gives you the opportunity to learn either through success or mistakes. Many people have entered at least one relationship, and that’s because companionship is beautiful.

When you fall in love with someone, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you want to date such a person. Dating is a way of learning and understanding your relationship before deciding to take the next step, which is marriage. In the Philippines, this is no different. Filipinos are people who are love-enthusiasts. As a nation, love is adored and cherished, and people who fall in love are respected and encouraged to make it last forever.

As a result of this, many people from within and outside the country have developed a keen interest in the people, particularly western men. While love spreads across both genders, there is more focus on Filipino women than their men. It’s a known fact that women develop more interest in love than men, and this has made it possible for people across the world to look for Filipino women to marry.

The Philippines consists of over 109 million people. Of this number, there are over 40 million women, with more than 80% of them between 18 and 35. Many men have shown interest in these women across the world and have taken a liking to their ways and their mentality about marriage. In finding love, one thing that could pose a problem is the distance barrier, but this barrier has been removed through online dating.

There’s no need to book a flight and fly thousands of miles to say hello, and gone are the days of long postal delivery. The internet has made it possible to connect easily without spending much. Filipino sites for women and men have been set up for people from all over the world. You can now get your dream woman in minutes and tell her how much you adore her personality.

Philippines beautiful asian girl

Finding A Philippine Dating Site

There are many places online where you can find a Philippine date site. The majority of the internet is free and accessible to almost everyone. Through a quick web search, you can find thousands of dating sites that claim to have the most beautiful Filipina singles. While some of these claims are true, many sites only have a handful of these women. Most of the dating sites exist alongside that of other Asian countries.

Things To Watch Out For In Philippines Online Dating

There are several things to note before you register on an online dating Philippines website. These features will guide you and help you select the best sites which would suit your personal needs.

  • User Interface: The first thing most people notice when they open a website is the interface. The interface tells a lot about any site. The design, color balance, and content of the first page give additional information about what the site is all about. Sites that feature a nice interface should be considered by you when trying to register. Also, the interface determines if you will find it easy or difficult to navigate around the site.
  • Support: Customer support is an essential feature of a good dating site. To find out about how responsive a site’s customer support is, read reviews online or contact them and make an inquiry. Excellent customer service gives you the confidence that there’s always help when things go wrong or get confusing.
  • Profiles: Quality sites offer quality profiles. It’s a fantastic experience when you are able to scroll through a dating site and find clear, high definition photos of members. This will make it easier for you to see more explicit pictures and know who you’re going for. Watch out for profiles with pictures that look like those of professional models. They are mostly scam accounts or bot accounts generated by the site to keep you engaged.
  • Search: The search tab provides you with easy access to thousands of profiles. On most sites, it allows you to browse through the profiles based on your preference. Sites that will enable you to input your preference through the search button are right for you.
  • Online reviews: One of the best ways to confirm any dating app’s authenticity is to check the reviews online. Through these reviews, you will know how rated the site is and if it’s safe to proceed to registration. Sites are rated over five stars online.

The Best Filipino Dating Sites In The USA

For those looking for the best Filipino dating sites in the USA, this part is for you. There are thousands of Philippine dating sites online where you can find Filipino girls and handsome Filipino men. But for your ease of access, the best ones will be mentioned below for you. It’s essential to know the sites mentioned below have all the features you need to have an amazing experience. The sites reviewed have a minimum of 4 stars rating out of five. You’ll discover the Filipina Dating site with chat features and those with mail or instant messaging through this review. Some of these websites can be accessed on the phone or through dating apps. Having a Filipina dating app makes your online experience more enjoyable.

Christian Filipina

ChristianFilipina main page

Your journey towards finding true love starts with Christian Filipina. It’s a Filipino American dating site. On the site, you are guaranteed satisfaction and an amazing experience. Christian Filipina exists to serve you premium Filipinas and handsome men who will match your criteria. It’s one of the greatest Filipino adult dating sites because it offers more than just casual dating. If you intend to take your online experience up a notch, Christian Filipina helps you look for Filipinos who are mainly interested in hookups in the Filipino adult dating section.

Your experience on this site will definitely make you stay, especially when you discover the wide range of gorgeous Philippines singles who hold nothing back in their desire to have fun.

When you open the site, you will be greeted with an attractive interface that encourages you to navigate the site. To register, you will provide your name, password, mail, and gender. Registration doesn’t cost a dime; neither does it take long.

Pros And Cons Of Christian Filipina

  • It has a beautiful design.
  • The women are real
  • There’s no limit to how many profiles you can browse through.
  • It has a mobile android and iOS app.
  • All the services are not available for free.
  • The ratio of men to women is higher.


Bumble main page

While it’s a little bit different from the traditional Filipino dating website, Bumble offers everything and more that other sites do not. Philippino dating is very interesting on Bumble. Bumble goes straight to the point; once you’re done with the registration, set your preferred location, and you’ll be presented with the swipe option. If you swipe right, it means you’re interested in the profile shown to you. If you swipe left, it means you are not interested in the profile. One catchy thing about Bumble is that only the lady can message you first once you swipe right. This means that your profile picture and information must be catchy enough for you to have a higher chance of being messaged.

There are thousands of Filipinos on Bumble, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a local; you can also find locals around you.

Pros And Cons Of Bumble

  • Well-detailed profiles of beautiful women
  • Cool interface design
  • The chat app is available on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Users require the Bumble Boost subscription to access all the features.
  • Some accounts are fake.


Lately, men and women outside Asia have shown considerable interest in the affairs of Filipinos. This is made more manifest by the beliefs of the people of the Philippines about marriage. Unlike in the European world, marriage is cherished to a high point in Asia. The people have always upheld the traditional belief that marriage seals a beautiful life. European women can be excessively demanding and unnecessarily dramatic before or during the marriage. This is why European men have decided to date and marry Asian women instead.

On the other hand, European men can also be too demanding and less bothered about taking care of their women. To make things better, European women have also set their eyes on Asian men who have a reputation for pampering their women. With the situation of things, it has become increasingly necessary to create platforms where Europeans and Asians can meet and profess feelings.

The Philippine dating websites reviewed above will serve you well because they are the pick of the best.


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