An Introduction To LDS Dating And Where To Find LDS Dating Sites 

Many people’s general perception that dating sites are for wild and sexually-charged people looking for a quick hookup is a fantastic example of how well the world has evolved. While this is a gross exaggeration, it’s not entirely false. Many people register on dating sites to find a partner for what’s most likely a short-term relationship.

However, to change that, many dating sites have started incorporating some sections that aim to keep the tradition of true love alive. One of these sections is the religious dating section. As a religious person, it’s a beautiful experience to find a partner through normal dating segments. There are many people online on these dating platforms whose beliefs do align with yours. It becomes easy to filter through selected profiles and find someone you might be interested in with the religious segment.

A huge aspect of religious dating is Christian dating. There are more Christian dating sites than that of any other religion. Christian dating sites have had huge success stories, and it has connected Christians from all over the world.

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LDS (Latter-Day Saints) are a big part of the Christian religion. Popularly known as the Mormons, they practice a revised form of Christianity. Christians have been enjoying inclusion in the world of online dating, and this is good news for Mormons too. With the rise of the all-inclusive dating sites, the Mormon population is growing massively online.

Mormons worldwide can now connect with other Mormons easily, without having to drain their pockets. This ease of connection has seen a surge in the number of LDS believers registering online. It has also facilitated the increasing interests of other Christians in Mormons.

LDS dating is a special kind of dating that involves special people. It’s a religious experience that requires understanding and patience.

Reasons Why You Should Go For Mormon Dating Sites

The reason why people go for LDS online dating is not far-fetched — it makes it easy for the people of a particular group to connect easily. Mormons are religious people who are open to dating other religious people too. They are flexible and accommodating with their beliefs, allowing them to mingle very well with other Christians.

However, to avoid religious conflicts, they prefer to marry within their beliefs. Mormons are not limited to a certain geographical area. The religion is not landlocked to a specific set of people; it’s a worldwide religion with millions of members. Free LDS dating sites exist so that Mormons from across the world can connect and find love.

Facts About Mormons That You Should Know

  • They place high importance on families and traditional gender roles. The majority of Mormons believe that being a good parent is one of the essential things in life. They also believe that a successful marriage is paramount to the growth of any human. Failed marriages are always frowned upon by them. Some Lds members are supporters of the traditional gender role where the husband goes to work while the wife takes care of the home. They believe that it’s solely the husband’s responsibility to provide for the family at all times. However, the majority of them believe that a marriage where both parties contribute equally to the family is better.
  • They believe in the power of unity. Mormons believe in the congregation a lot. They prefer to congregate in a specific location than do things in the corners of their homes. To them, coming together to worship adds more energy to their prayers and songs.
  • Mormons do not believe in the Christian trinity, and they believe that their president is a prophet of God. The Christian trinity believes that the father, son, and Holy Spirit are one, but Mormons believe they are separate.

Best LDS Dating Sites

When it comes to dating sites, the choice rests heavily in your hands. There are LDS free dating sites, and there are paid ones. Most of the free ones have limited features, and they are not as secure as the paid ones. Depending on the one you want, you can find all of these sites online.

The best LDS dating sites are filled with profiles of amazing, mature, and respectful LDS members. These sites are there to destroy the distance barrier and connect you with your dream partner. There are indeed hundreds of LDS sites online, and you can register with any of them. However, to make things easier for you, some of the best Mormon dating sites have been reviewed below for you.

Elite Singles

EliteSingles main page

Your chances of finding great Mormons online is tripled with Elite Singles. This is made so not just because the site is amazing, but because it has everything you need to make your experience more fun.

Elite Singles gives you the best value of an online dating experience at very affordable rates. It’s one of the best places you’ll find quality accounts of real users. It’s a site created exclusively for singles from across the world, irrespective of your orientation and beliefs. It’s also an LDS adult dating site for those who just want to have fun with no strings attached.

It’s easy to set up an account on Elite Singles. What’s more beautiful is the cool way in which the site is designed. It doesn’t matter if you’re an LDS member thousands of miles away; you can find love on Elite Singles anytime.

Pros And Cons Of Elite Singles

  • The site has a well-developed mobile app that is continuously upgraded to give you a better experience.
  • The lengthy questionnaire made available during registration makes it easier to find a match.
  • The site’s customer service is very particular about giving customers the best experience.
  • There’s a limit to what you can do without a paid subscription.


main page

Match is created explicitly for Mormon singles. It’s one of the latter-day saints dating websites where members can quickly meet and discuss. It’s an immense online community for LDS singles where information about the LDS is shared. Launched in this decade, it’s a fairly new site that has continued to grow at a rapid rate. Since the site is entirely free, it’s easy for more members to join and develop the online community.

While the population on Match is still relatively small, the site has continued to grow in numbers, and it’s one of the few places to find local Mormons.

Pros and Cons of Match

  • The site is entirely free and open to people from all over the world.
  • It’s an online community where information can be shared and found.
  • No mobile app for Android users and IOS users.

LDS Pals

LDS Pals main page

Another completely free site is LDS pals. It was created by a group of LDS members who run it as an open space for people to meet, mingle, and hookup. It’s one of the few LDS adult dating sites because there’s no limit to what you can do or send to other members.

On LDS pals, users can send unlimited numbers of messages and pictures. This makes the dating experience more interesting, as it gives room for many options. The site is one of the fastest-growing LDS online dating platforms.

Pros and Cons of LDS Pals

  • LDS Pals has a beautifully designed interface that keeps you interested in the site
  • There are little to no fake profiles.
  • The number of users on the site is relatively small.


main page EHarmony

EHarmony is a big dating website that has created a section for Mormon dating. As one of the biggest dating sites in the world, eHarmony boasts of up to a decade of experience. It’s one of the few websites to have a Russian dating app for Russians. It also has a Mormon dating app that makes it easier to connect with other people from the comfort of your private space. While the basic features are available for free, added features require a subscription.

Pros And Cons Of EHarmony

  • EHarmony has an extensive database of singles all over the world.
  • The site has an LDS dating app that can be downloaded and operated from anywhere.
  • The customer service support on eHarmony makes it easy to submit complaints and make inquiries.
  • The most exciting features on the site are not free.


The beautiful thing about love is that you’ll always find at least one person who shares the same fantasies with you. In the religious line, dating sites help you widen your scope and broaden your horizon when looking for true love. The distance barrier has made it difficult for people of a particular group to find love outside their vicinity, but not anymore. With these dating sites, you no longer have to force yourself to choose from only those who are available around you.


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