An Introduction To Mindful Dating And Where To Find A Mindful Dating App 

While many people are concerned with hookups and quick connections, some are genuinely interested in taking the time to find the right person. This is where a mindful dating website comes into play. Mindful dating is a shift from the conventional type of dating that is commonly practiced on dating sites. It involves two or more people who are willing and patient enough to take things slowly and steadily.

In most cases, when two people meet online, they are mainly interested in the sexual part of the relationship. They are so quick to set up dates that are poorly planned, and there’s little chance to get to know each other. Mindful dating involves many things. It requires understanding, patience, love, honesty, and gentleness.

Since many people find love online, it only makes sense that people who are genuinely interested in finding a partner also take a look. Dating sites have evolved, and meeting the demands of the people has never been more important.

tender couple in love

With these sites, you can easily find the partner of your choice, set things in motion, take it slow and steady and watch as your relationship blossoms. The beautiful thing about these sites is that they are not limited to a certain geographical location. You can find love anywhere, irrespective of where you are or who you are. You can find love among locals or outside your vicinity, thousands of miles away. Also, it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is; these mindful dating websites do not discriminate, and they are all-inclusive. Finding love on these sites is no tough work. There’s always that one person who’s interested in you and would like to spend forever with you.

What’s Unique About Mindfulness Dating Sites?

You might be confused as to why this type of dating is different from the regular kind of dating. Well, the truth is that mindfulness dating is unique in its own way. First, it requires absolute maturity from both parties. When you find a match, your manner of approach matters a lot, and it’s the platform on which you’ll build your interest. On these sites, you’ll be advised by professionals on how to approach your partner, the right words to use, and the best actions to suggest. You can plan dates on the sites or set up a meeting based on your personal choices. You can send virtual gifts to each other and plan virtual dates. You can also do video calls and send gifts to each other using the feature on the sites. These additional incentives make for a more fantastic and more immersive experience that will leave you satisfied.

Mindful Online Dating Information You Should Know

Since mindful dating is different from the traditional dating style, it’s vital that you know the dos and don’ts. This information will help you when you are alone with your partner. When you follow this information, you will discover the beauty of having a date and spending quality time with your partner.

  • Set up dates: A vital aspect of finding a true partner is setting up a mindful date. Here, you are both present and engaged with the other without giving room for distraction. You can choose a public spot for the first few times before going on a movie date. This allows your partner to feel comfortable and relaxed around you.
  • Ask questions, but don’t probe too much: You will have a lasting experience with your partner when you understand many things about them. This lasting experience will give you the required push to do many things to make your date happy. When you ask your date questions, you are creating a platform on which trust can be established.
  • As the man, listen more and don’t cut her off: Let her be expressive and comfortable speaking with you. This makes it easier for her to open up to you.
  • Initiate good conversations: Don’t be such a bore. Initiate interesting discussions, and don’t make it one-sided. Talk about your funny or embarrassing moments and share good laughs together. Good conversations lead to a relaxed atmosphere that fuels the energy between the two of you.
  • Avoid negative discussions: Your first date is never a good time to talk about your bad past relationships. Make the moment about both of you.
  • Show genuine interests: There’s more to your partner than the looks or voice. Show actual interest in their work, ideas, and beliefs. If your beliefs differ, find a level-playing field and discuss things as neutrals.
  • Be confident and outspoken: Be confident, but don’t get too cocky. Don’t overwhelm your partner with the things you know, and don’t downplay their intelligence with yours. Be expressive, but don’t be domineering.
  • Do not get too physical: One of the easiest ways to spook your partner is to get uncomfortably physical with them. Your date will end in a disaster, and you might never be able to recover again. Always ask before you touch, and don’t hold on for too long.
  • Shower your partner with gifts: You can never go wrong with gifts unless you choose the wrong ones. A simple rose flower or a gorgeous bracelet can go a long way in registering you in your partner’s heart. These gifts will serve as a reminder for the beginning of your relationship.

Online Mindful Dating Sites

There are many free mindful dating sites online. Most of the sites where you will find mindfulness dating are regular sites. The difference is that a particular section is created for the mindful people. Some of the sites have web apps and mobile apps. Mindful dating apps give you a better experience because they allow you to chat with your partner anywhere, anytime.

Meet Mindful

Meet Mindful main page

As is evident in the name, meet mindful is one of the best mindful dating sites in the world. It is also a unique mindful adult dating site. Such is the uniqueness of this site that it is regarded as the home of mindful dating. Meet Mindful is solely focused on connecting people from all over the world who want to practice mindful dating. The site has been specifically designed to give you the best experience through awesome designs and easy-to-use features.

It is a community of people who are committed to a life that’s meant to be joyous, fulfilling, and satisfying. Men and women worldwide are welcome to register on the site. The users on Meet Mindful are mature, respectful, and understanding.

Pros and Cons of Meet Mindful


  • Daily matches for free members
  • An efficient android mobile application
  • A state-of-the-art design that intrigues customers


  • No mobile app for iOS users
  • A low percentage of registered members

Coffee Meets Bagel

CoffeeMeetsBagel main page

This mindful dating site is specially made for mature minds, and it favors women who want more than one night stands. On the site, the powers are taken away from the men and handed to the women. Since there are more men than women on Mindful dating sites, the unbalance has disadvantaged women. They always find it challenging to choose from the hundreds of messages they receive almost all the time.

However, on Coffee Meets Bagel, the women are the ones who get to choose the men they want. As one of the best mindful adult dating sites, women receive at least six potential matches, and these matches have to be people who have consistently shown interest in her. From these matches, she might then choose anyone whom she likes. She gets to select quality guys who are mature and interested in a long-term relationship. She can also filter out those whose manner of approach doesn’t sit well with her. Since she contacts them first, the ball remains in her court at all times.

It’s easy to find a serious relationship on Coffee Meets Bagel because the majority of the women there are also interested in free mindful dating.

Pros and Cons of Coffee Meets Bagel


  • The site algorithm gives you the best matches.
  • The extensive verification method makes it hard to find fake accounts.


  • The most important features are not available for free.
  • It’s difficult for a man to get a partner if they don’t get a reply from their match.


It has been established that not everyone is interested in finding a quick match and having sex with hookups. Some people are interested in finding that missing part of their life, and they are willing to take their time. Mindful dating is the core that powers the soul and synergy of any person. It’s the best way to connect two strangers on a lifelong journey that will end with happiness. If you’re ready to find your love partner, then register on at least one of the sites mentioned above. Having a mindful free dating site gives you many options to choose from.


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