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How To Choose Senior Dating Sites?

Chances are, as a senior citizen, you have lived long enough to learn about every option available to you nearby. If you have, indeed, exhausted your options, it is time to widen your horizons and go online! Senior dating made easy with specialized online dating services.

One of the best things about senior dating in the modern day is that you no longer have to struggle to try to meet someone you would like in real-life. You can just hop on the Internet and look for people there.

Senior happy couple

The only question is, how does one choose a good platform to join for senior dating? You have several options here: you can either delegate your search to one of the senior dating agencies or take everything into your own hands and check out the most popular older dating sites yourself.

You have to agree with us on this one – the latter is significantly more fun! Senior dating should be exciting! But it also should be safe. When choosing a service to use, you need to make sure it has good security, is well-moderated, and its privacy policy is transparent. All in all, you should aim for a legit platform to host your senior dating endeavors.

At the same time, you want to check that the service you choose is appropriate for your particular needs and has the right age category within its user base.

The Best Dating Sites For Seniors


eHarmony senior dating

Originally, eHarmony is not a seniors dating site exclusively as it caters to a wide audience of singles and not just older people. Indeed, on Harmony, you can meet singles of all age categories, all backgrounds, races, etc. The user base of eHarmony is truly large!

This means that you do not have to limit yourself to senior adult dating but can connect with a younger audience as a senior if that is what you are after.

eHarmony is amazing for senior dating because of the great moderation in place on the website. In the case of senior dating, the safety of the dating experience is particularly important. The team of well-trained professionals is keeping an eye on the site to ensure everyone on there has a nice and pleasant experience. Besides, there is also a great customer support team too. Whatever inquiry you might have, or if you need any sort of assistance or help with the site, you will get it immediately.

eHarmony is on the more serious side of online dating, which is perfect for old people dating. Most members of the service are not there to play games and have very serious and clear intentions that they state straightaway.

In order to ensure that no random passerby’s that are not actually interested in long-term committed relationships infiltrate the website, eHarmony offers all its new members an extensive questionnaire that doubles as a personality test. It is quite hefty, but it comes in handy when you move onto matching with people. The personality quiz includes the following blocks aimed at learning more about who you are as a person:

  • What characterizes me?
  • How do I communicate?
  • How do I organize my everyday life?
  • What drives me?

The system is advanced enough to analyze your answers to the questionnaire and showcase you the best compatibility options for you! That way, you can save yourself a lot of time that you would have wasted on going through the extensive catalog of profiles of users of eHarmony.


elitesingles Senior Dating

Another website that is not directly classified as a dating service for seniors but implies it is EliteSingles. EliteSingles is an online dating platform that caters to professional and well-educated adults that are looking for likeminded individuals to date.

This website is great for those seniors that are very serious about dating and would leave their senior dating life to a chance. EliteSingles is a platform for rather picky daters who would not be seen just casually mingling.

One of the things that make EliteSingles, perhaps, the best dating site for seniors is the fact that it is very well-structured and easy to navigate. You do not have to go through learning what all the different buttons do and how to operate the site. In fact, EliteSingles does all the matchmaking job for you.

Upon the initial registration, all new members are asked to complete a rather extensive questionnaire aimed at determining all the key personality traits of the person. Then, they get processed and matched with the people who have had similar answers. That way, when you use EliteSingles, you manage to receive high-quality compatible matches instead of a wide pool of people you have nothing in common with.

Because only a certain amount of matches is available per week, people are approaching the selection process much more responsibly and put more thought into it. So, if you are looking for a website that will help you to take your senior dating to the next level and allow you to build a strong relationship, you should definitely turn to EliteSingles.

A great bonus: EliteSingles is well-protected, and all the profiles on the site are verified manually, so you can be sure you are safe at all times.


main page SilverSingles

SilverSingles is a marvelous senior dating platform for everyone who enjoys a more traditional approach to dating and wants to step away from the modern, fast-paced dating environment. If back in your day it was normal to take your time, you can bring the old times back! Unlike a lot of other mainstream online dating services, SilverSingles is focused specifically on senior dating. So, it helps a lot with simplifying the process and making it easier for people over the age of 50 (this is the majority of the platform’s users): instead of buried in an avalanche of options, you get a nice top-five of the most compatible users on a daily basis. The compatibility is evaluated based on the number of shared hobbies, interests, values, and views. You get to ‘like’ or ‘skip’ them.

SilverSingles is among the best dating sites for old people because of its extensive functionality: it is amazing not only for mature daters but also for those seniors who want to find other, more platonic connections. It is location-based, so you can easily find a match nearby. This is why, apart from being good for senior dating, it is also great for companionship and more!


main page OurTime

OurTime is one of the best senior dating sites out there that also doubles as a friend finder, too! OurTime is unique in a way that you do not necessarily have to be looking for a love interest. Instead, you can seek a variety of different connections outside of the senior dating realm – it is amazing for finding travel buddies, pen-pals, friends, and other casual arrangements.

However, despite OurTime being so multifunctional, it does not mean that mature singles cannot find love among the users of the platform. Quite the contrary, actually! Thanks to the extensive user base and immense popularity of OurTime, it works well for all and every senior citizen.

OurTime offers its users a lot of different means of communication for better chats. You can spice up your senior dating by sending each other flirts, contact each other via audio- or video-calls or exchange longer mails that can contain pictures.

On top of everything, OurTime is great for the older crowd because of its simplicity. You do not have to be tech-savvy to wrap your head around the service. In fact, it provides everything you need where you expect it to be. It also has a friendly and professional support team to ensure smooth online dating for seniors – if you need assistance with anything, just contact them via the form on the site!


SeniorMatch main page

If you are interested in meeting a person that would be age-appropriate for your senior dating, you should consider SeniorMatch. It is one of the best senior adult dating sites that cater strictly to people over the age of 45. This way, you can be sure that everyone you meet during your online senior dating experience is mature enough to be with you.

The site has been around for a while and has proven to be a great place for mature singles to connect with each other. Even after almost two decades on the market, it still remains a highly competitive platform that welcomes thousands of new members every day! You can rest assured you will always have some options when it comes to matching with people.

Besides, you can use SeniorMatch not only for senior dating but also for other activities. There is a separate category for the folks who want to just meet a companion or have a nice conversation. In fact, there is even a special category on the website where seniors from the same area can meet up to partake in their shared hobby.

main page

At last but not least, is one of the biggest names in the online dating industry, so it is only natural that the service is listed among the best dating websites for seniors. It has been in operation for almost 25 years and has amassed a lot of devoted fans and users. There is a good reason for the platform’s popularity. It has wide functionality and works great for all types of singles.

Senior dating is one of the branches that accommodates as a large percentage of the user database on Match falls into the mature category. This means you can easily find people to match with!

How To Start Using Older Dating Sites?

Senior dating, especially with the best senior dating sites, is very straightforward! As soon as you choose the service you want to use, you should complete the registration form and move forward to setting up a dating profile. Depending on the platform you opt for, the number and detail-level of questions you need to answer in order to answer to fill out ou profile will vary.


Thanks to technology, life only starts after you become a senior citizen. If you feel lonely and want to find love as a mature person, you can easily start your senior dating journey on one of the numerous senior dating websites!


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