The Russian Dating Site You Need To Start Dating Russians 

The Specifics Of Russian Dating Sites In The USA

If you want to give Russian dating a try, you need to decide for yourself whether you are ready to experience an authentic Russian beauty and find yourself a woman who has lived in Russia all her life or would rather play it safe. If you choose the latter, you might want to look for a date among the Russians in America.

There is an option for that, too! You just need to make sure that the website you choose to help you find a date has a great search tool that allows you to specify the location of your potential match.

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What Do The Best Russian Dating Sites Look Like?

If you want to meet a Russian girl online, you need to make sure you know exactly what you are looking for. Russian girls are, by far, one of the most desired chicks in the world. In fact, male singles from around the world are seeking a chance to meet a girl from Russia and start dating her. This is exactly what makes Russian adult dating so popular. Hence, the astonishing number of platforms that aim at the admirers of Russian beauty and offer their services to connect foreign singles with Russian ladies.

Thanks to such high demand for Russian dating, there is a website for almost every specific preference imaginable. While real Russian dating sites is a niche itself, it has branched out even further. Today, you can easily find a Russian dating service to meet your needs, whatever they are.

At the same time, you need to remember that regardless of your preferences, you still need to approach the process of selecting the right website responsibly. There are lots of amazing platforms out there, but there are also platforms that are not that great, too. When choosing a site to sign up to, you need to make sure it ticks all the boxes.

Here is a short but explicit checklist of the attributes the best Russian dating site should have:

  • A good Russian dating website should have a large base of users. If you want to make sure you are in for a treat, you want to choose a platform that is popular among Russian girls so that you could have more options to choose from. Remember, if you opt for a bigger platform, the odds will be in your favor. Therefore, you will have better chances of finding the one.
  • A Russian dating platform should have good moderation with a team of highly trained moderators to keep an eye on the website’s activity. It is a known fact that you need to feel protected and safe when Russian dating online. Only then you can focus on wooing your boos instead of stressing out over whether the person you are chatting to is legit or not.
  • It should have lots of added features to provide you with the best Russian dating experience. Modern platforms for Russian dating have evolved past the point of being just a place where you can exchange texts back and forth. Today, all the best services offer functionality that extends beyond just that! A good Russian dating app or site should provide its users with a fun and practical features such as translational services, video and voice chat, alternative means of communication, etc.
  • Preferably, top Russian dating sites should be free or give you a chance to look around before you commit to your subscription.

This list could go on and on as the sky’s really the limit when it comes to perfection. However, in the situation with the best free Russian dating sites, your options should at least meet the aforementioned requirements.

This article has decided to make the job easier for you and has compiled a list of the best platforms for Russian dating.

A List Of Russian Dating Sites For You To Sign Up To

Even though the title of the article promised to give you just one best Russian dating site, we could not help ourselves and present you with a fine selection of legit and highly effective platforms for establishing connections with girls from Russia. The list comprises both foreign Russian dating sites, i.e., the ladies actually reside in Russia and other post-Soviet countries, and American Russian dating sites that have profiles of expats in the USA, so you can get a taste of Russian dating from within your own country!


main page UkrainianCharm

Don’t let the name of the platform confuse you! Even though UkrainianCharm caters to singles interested in meeting Ukrainian beauties, it is also absolutely amazing for Russian dating, too. Originally created as a service for Ukrainian dating, it has then expanded its horizons and welcomed thousands and thousands of ladies from all over Eastern Europe. UkrainianCharm gained a lot of popularity among the Russians, which made it the top Russian dating site.

Indeed, UkrainianCharm is worth visiting! The website is still relatively young, but this is exactly what makes it so exciting. It is still growing at an astonishing rate, with new members joining every minute! The user base of UkrainianCharm is expanding rapidly, making Russian dating more and more fruitful for all members of the platform.

Some of the most exciting features offered by UkrainianCharm include:

  • weekly matches (every week, the site presents you with a selection of women that you would be most compatible with);
  • an exceptional search tool (you get access to a wide range of filters to apply to your profile search to narrow it down to the preferred specifics);
  • ‘Faces Game’ – a likes roulette (your matchmaking process can be fun with the Tinder-like profile carousel);
  • a heap of additional services to take your new relationship a notch higher – experience the beauty of Russian dating in full with translational services, audio- and video-calls, and gift exchange.


main page Valentime

Another amazing platform for successful dating is Valentime. The platform is designed to accommodate all the admirers of Slav beauty. However, over time it has developed a specific focus on Russian dating. It is a well-established platform with lots of users, the number of which only continues to grow.

Besides being a website with history, Valentime has very well-developed security features that are being updated continuously. Therefore, on Valentime, you can always be sure there is someone to talk to if you need any sort of help. The service takes pride in the attention they pay to ensure Valentime is a safe Russian dating space. On top of that, they also can boast of having a good dozen of fun and functional features to bring singles closer together for a long-term loving relationship.

Some of the defining features of this best free Russian dating site are:

  • A huge variety of communication features that include instant chats, mails, winks, likes, stickers, real-life gifts, and flowers, etc. – you really get to experience dating a Slavic girl to the fullest;
  • Ease of use and excellent website navigation;
  • Attention to security.


VictoriaDates main page

VictoriaDates is the last in the cohort of the top Slavic dating services with a particular focus on Russian dating. However, it is definitely not least. In fact, it is one of the most well-known platforms in the dating community. The website has been around for a while and has managed to amass an impressive number of registered members, a large part of whom are very active.

Thanks to its extensive functionality, VictoriaDates is very helpful in allowing foreign singles from around the world to connect with gorgeous women from Russia. Besides, you can learn a lot about your potential partners merely by examining their profiles. One of the things VictoriaDates is famous for is the excellent quality of the profiles – they contain a lot of information about women, plenty of pictures and, sometimes, even videos!

The registration on the website is very straightforward and free of charge. You can become a member of the platform simply by filling out a questionnaire about yourself (needed to set up a profile and provide you with the most suitable matches that you would be compatible with). However, if you want to enhance your Russian dating experience and get access to exclusive features, you can upgrade your membership!

Russian Cupid

RussianCupid main page

If you are looking for the biggest Russian dating site, RussianCupid is the platform for you. It is the largest niche-specific service for everyone interested in meeting a girl of Russian descent and trying out Russian dating.

The website is dominated by girls who live in Russia, but thanks to the impressive functionality of RussianCupid, you can connect with Slavic girls who live elsewhere, too. There are lots of filters to define your search and match with the women that are the most suitable for you.

Another interesting detail about RussianCupid is that, unlike the rest of the websites on the list, it is not aimed exclusively at accommodating serious long-term relationships that will inevitably end up with a marriage. It works well for people interested in casual Russian dating, too! Thanks to the popularity of RussianCupid, it has amassed singles with all kinds of dating preferences and intentions, so you can definitely find someone who would match your vibe. All you need to do is fire away a search and explicitly state what you are after on the site. This little detail places RussianCupid among the best Russian adult dating sites.

There are lots of different ways in which you can communicate with your matches on RussianCupid. You are not limited to just text messages but can spice up your connection with emails, chatrooms, phone and video calls, and much more. What a dream!


anastasiadate main page

Another huge name on the market is AnastasiaDate. The website has been in operation for over 25 years now and can account for a lot of happy marriages between girls of Russia and foreign men. It is a website with a rich history and a lot of successful cases. So, if you want a platform that can bring you a fruitful Russian dating experience, you can always rely on the services of AnastasiaDate.

The website is great for everyone who does not have any specific preferences and just wants to explore the bewildering world of beauty in Russia. You can find girls of all types of AnastasiaDate and connect with the ones that appeal to you the most!


Russian dating is one of the most exciting and exotic dreams of a lot of singles around the world. However, with the popularisation of online dating sites, it is a dream come true! Today, men have access to profiles of millions of gorgeous ladies to flirt with and date. It is easy to connect with stunning girls and establish a relationship with them using the extensive functionality of the best Russian dating websites.


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