An Introduction To Veggie Dating And Where To Find Vegan Dating Sites

Life can be very interesting for adults on dating sites when they find it easy to see someone who shares their ideologies about animals. Imagine you’re a vegan who’s on a date with a charming man, and he takes you to one of the nicest spots in town. A few minutes later, the attendant shows up with steaks and oysters, and the young man asks you to dig in. Embarrassing right?

Dates are beautiful experiences that must be cherished from start to finish. Every moment spent on a date should always remind us of the good things in life. Many dates are fun because when two people understand each other, it becomes easy for them to bond and start a relationship.

Couple embracing at home

Adults find it absolutely exciting to meet people like them who they can be with. They enjoy going on dates with each other, and they love the intimacy that flows in their relationships. Thus, a good relationship is when two people who are partners enjoy each other’s company all the time.

When adults go on a special date, there’s usually a beautiful connection that might lead to something more adventurous and sexual. To make this a dream come true, many people have decided to date, fuck and be with people like them. But the problem is how to find other people who are readily available for hook up, serious relationships, or quick fuck.

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos MORI, the percentage of vegans globally is around 3%, compared to 73% who are omnivorous. The statistics above show the massive difference between these sets of people.

To make it easy to find each other, dating sites have incorporated vegan adult dating into their system. By setting your preference on these sites, you can be found by others with whom you want to fuck and have a relationship with, and you can also find other adults easily.

Best Vegetarian Dating Sites

There are hundreds of websites on the internet that cater to the needs of adults who want to date. What’s more interesting about vegetarian dating is that it doesn’t take much to identify as vegetarian singles on many of these sites. With these websites, you can find a vegan dating app that works seamlessly on your mobile. Over the years, dating sites have updated their directories to include more groups of people. Many people are starting to identify with various groups based on beliefs, lifestyles, and ideologies. To make things easier, these groups are being added to dating sites so that people who belong to a particular group can locate themselves easily. For vegans, these sites have made sure that their lifestyles are well-respected. Some of the best vegan dating sites have been reviewed below.


EHarmony main page

EHarmony is a vegetarian dating site and is one of the best places any adult can register with the hope of finding love, casual dating, casual fuck, or platonic relationships. The site has millions of single members. The women on eHarmony are pretty and sensually attractive, while the men are hot and handsome. When you register on eHarmony, you’ll find the option of choosing whether you’re a vegan or not. When you select your preference, the site displays your preference on your profile so that admirers can see it before making any move. Since such a preference is also shown on other members’ profiles, it becomes easy for you to chat with the people you want.

EHarmony has a mobile dating app that allows you to connect on the go. Though the site offers many amazing features, it is not entirely free. When you identify as a vegetarian on the vegan dating website, the site’s algorithm does all it can to avoid matching you with omnivorous people.

Pros and Cons of EHarmony


  • EHarmony has one of the biggest databases in the world for vegan profiles.
  • You can plan a date on the site and see it executed to perfection at affordable rates.


  • Some omnivorous persons identify as vegans
  • The interesting features are not accessible to free users.

Match Truly

main page MatchTruly

Match Truly gives you a community of single vegetarians like you who are looking to date someone like them. It’s a great place to meet adults who are interested in a relationship or want to have sexual fun. The site collects the detailed information you’ve filled out and uses it to push the best potential matches to you. Members on Match Truly have heaped nothing but praise on the site.

Match Truly takes into consideration your location and the kind of partner you want. You can choose whether you want your partner to be tall, short, chubby, or slim. You can also choose between a regular smoker or an occasional smoker. On Match Truly, you are assured of excellent vegan dating service because all that matters is what you want.

Pros and Cons of Match Truly


  • The registration process asks for important information that makes your profile look professional.
  • Complaints are quickly attended to by customer service personnel.
  • Your financial transactions are made safe and are undisclosed to anyone.


  • The mobile apps available have not been updated for a very long time.
  • Unlimited messages require a paid subscription.

Veggie Connection

Veggie Connection main page

If you’re looking for an exclusive veggie site, then look no further than Veggie Connection. It is one of the free vegetarian dating sites online. All the members on the site are people whose ideas align with yours.

Although it’s not a populous site, thousands of registered users are vegan singles looking for fun. The site is arguably the best vegan dating site, and it is more of long-term dating than casual fun. The majority of the people on the site are looking for a genuine love life that can lead to a happy marriage. Of course, you’ll always find people who are interested in a quick hookup, but the most sought after form of love on the site is the long-term one.

To enjoy the site, you need to set up a well-detailed profile that shows your clear pictures. With a well set-up profile, you’ll find it very easy to get admirers, and potential matches would love to reply to your messages. The site’s questionnaire form, which is termed Veggie Questions, helps you a lot in this aspect. When you answer these questions, your responses will be added to your profile to make it look more attractive.

Pros and Cons of Veggie Connection


  • The registration process is quick and free for every user.
  • It’s easy to find a match because there are no omnivores who would make the process difficult.


  • Veggie Connection doesn’t have any mobile app for its services.
  • The site’s interface looks a little bit old and slow.

How Do You Plan The Perfect Veggie Date?

For free vegan dating, veggie dates are like normal dates, albeit with some little tweaks here and there. Across America, there are beautiful places set up exclusively for you to have a nice date with your partner. To plan a perfect date, here are some tips you can apply.

  • Discuss things you’re both passionate about: Many people are passionate animal lovers. Talk about animals with your date and share in that connection that brings the two of you closer. Be sure to start conversations on the things, you both love.
  • Buy her gifts: For the gents, gifts work magic. A simple rose flower on your way to the restaurant can go a long way in your relationship. Avoid gifts that are too personal or naughty. Your partner will love you more when you get them gifts.
  • Be conscious of your habits: Unless you are confident that your date wouldn’t object or feel uncomfortable, do not smoke on your first date.
  • Your first date is not an ideal time to talk about your life problems: Don’t be too expressive with your emotions. Some partners get spooked when you overwhelm them on the first date.
  • Do not touch without any permission: What might look like a harmless gesture to you can be very unsettling for your date. Always ask before you touch any part of his or her body.


The best thing about vegan adult dating sites is that you barely have to worry about being disturbed by omnivores. Even when you are, it’s easy to ignore them and move on to other veggies.

Through dating sites, more people have been able to join online communities, and they’ve been convinced enough to join the movement. Adult dating is a fun way to meet with people who are sexually active, down to fuck, explore, and act out your sexual orientation with someone you like. It allows you to understand yourself better and know more about treating your partner right.


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