The Best Catholic Dating Sites That Work

The Whos, Whats And Whys Of Catholic Online Dating

Before we get down to the question of what the best websites for Catholic dating online are, it is important for you to settle down all the peculiarities and specifics of online dating for Catholics. It is an extremely exciting topic that has plenty of things to unpack! So, let’s dive into it without further ado.

Dating for Catholics online can be quite challenging – whenever meeting people online, you need to be cautious before you double-check they are a good fit for you. In fact, it is true for all singles, regardless of their religion. However, if you are a Catholic and want to marry a person who would have the same religion as you do, it is vital for you to expand your dating pool by the people who can become your potential partners.

Therefore, you should consider stepping away from regular dating and turn to Catholic dating specifically.

tenderness Catholic couple

Best Catholic Dating Sites: To Go Big Or Not To Go Big That Is The Question

With that in mind, you need to remember that nowadays, online dating is very popular. It makes meeting the right people easy, and technological advancement has made it possible to connect with the possible love of your life from the comfort of your own living room.

This is why online dating is becoming more and more popular, with more and more people joining the platforms that offer matchmaking services. High demand, in turn, engenders high supply! This basic law of economics is, surprisingly, applicable to Catholic dating, too!

While at first there were only a couple of large mainstream online dating platforms that enabled Catholic dating through a set of different filters and preferences, today, you can actually sign up to a dedicated Catholic dating web site that would only feature the people with the same agenda as you.

Indeed, today you have more choice than ever before and can easily choose whichever option suits you best! However, in order to make a well-thought-through decision, you need to know the advantages and the downsides of both and give each option a fair assessment.

So, should you register on an exclusively Catholic date site, or should you opt for a mainstream platform that unites people of different religions? Here are a couple of factors to consider:

  • Mainstream websites are often larger than the ones dedicated exclusively to Catholic dating, so they have a lot of options to choose from
  • Mainstream websites are well-established and have a prosperous community
  • Mainstream websites can offer its users a wide variety of add-on options and features
  • Catholic dating sites for free provide better focus on the factor that matters to you – you can be sure that everyone you meet on the platform is Catholic, too, so you may stop worrying about that aspect of your future relationship
  • Catholic dating platforms are a newer branch, so they are growing more actively, which means your options are getting updated by an hour, if not by the minute.
  • A Catholic online dating site can be better suited for you in terms of providing niche-specific search filters, etc.

As you can see, both mainstream and Catholic dating platforms have their prominent advantages. Therefore, at the end of the date, it is up to you to decide which factors are more important to you.

However, if you want a piece of advice from us, listen: just look for the Catholic dating sites free options and sign up to both! It can be extremely beneficial for you to have multiple accounts on different online dating services as it would skyrocket your chances of finding the best match out there.

What Are The Best Free Catholic Dating Sites?

Now that this article has established the pros and cons of using both types of dating websites – major mainstream services and specialized Catholic dating services, it is time to establish which platforms are worthy of your attention and which are better to avoid. After all, it is a responsible task you have to complete when you start Catholic dating on the web – find the services that are both legit, trustworthy, and have plenty of options for you to connect with. You want to find a platform that will have a wide selection of features aimed at helping you match the person you will be most compatible with. Besides, if you are interested in free Catholic dating, you should take the cost factor into consideration, too!

This article intends to protect you from any unpleasant experiences when Catholic dating online. This is why we have compiled a list of the best Catholic dating websites for you to check out.


EliteSingles main page

EliteSingles is an all-inclusive free online dating website for singles of all religious backgrounds, Catholics included. It features a lot of profiles that belong to Catholics, which makes it a great service for Catholic dating.

However, that is not all; EliteSingles confidently climbs to the top of the best Catholic dating services list as it provides its users with an unmatched opportunity to connect with well-educated and professional singles. One pleasant peculiarity of EliteSingles is that it aims specifically at singles who hold good jobs and have a decent level of education. If you are one of those people, do not look any further and sign up to EliteSingles.

In addition to that, EliteSingles can also boast of having a great selection of tools and features that will make your Catholic adult dating experience truly unforgettable. It ha a very powerful advanced search tool that allows you to look for the people that you are interested in the most. There are several key categories of filters that you can apply to your search to narrow it down to the preferred specifics.

On top of that, EliteSingles, being a very serious and reliable website for Catholic dating, wants to ensure your time on the platform is as fruitful as possible. Therefore, upon initial registration, you are invited to take a personality test so that the system could analyze your answers to the questionnaire and suggest to you the people that are the most similar to you in their beliefs, views on life, etc.

main page

Another all-inclusive dating website is It is one of the most well-known and well-established platforms in the industry: it has been connecting singles from all around the world for almost over two decades now! So, you can expect to really know their craft. And have plenty of options when it comes to matching with people, too! The platform is famous for being one of the most numerous dating services on the web, with millions and millions of active members worldwide.

The website is aimed at singles who are seeking a serious relationship with a perspective of settling down with someone. Indeed, Match is great for finding a partner you would want to marry in the long-run, which resonates well with the dogmas of Catholic dating.

It is not the one-night-stands hub, and you can expect the singles you meet on the platform to be fairly serious about their intentions. Besides, has a handy little app to offer, which allows the service to make a cut onto the list of the best Catholic dating apps, too!

Some of the best features the users of can enjoy include:

  • Ice breakers and pre-written prompts that can help you start the conversation and keep it going, really handy for those singles who need a little bit of assistance when it comes to socializing
  • Voice calls – texting is one thing, but being able to hear your person speak can be truly special.
  • Vibe check – if you matched with someone, you have conversed for a while and are ready to take it a step further, you can use the in-built video chat to see each other’s faces!

Of course, registration on is free and straightforward.


Catholicmatch main page

CatholicMatch is the go-to service that makes dating for Catholics easy and accessible! It is great for everyone who values their time and wants to be sure that they are on the same page as the person they are trying to build a relationship with. As it can be deduced from the name of the platform, it is a website specifically for Catholic dating, so if it is important for you to be certain that everyone on the site shares the same beliefs as you do, CatholicMatch is the place for you. It is one of the largest platforms for Catholic dating, so it is almost guaranteed you will find someone just right for you out of the numerous singles of the site.

You can easily sign up to the platform for free and set up a profile to start matching with like-minded singles. One of the peculiarities that make CatholicMatch so good for devoted Catholics is the fact that it suggests matches based on the Catholic beliefs different users share. Upon the initial registration, every new user is asked to fill out a questionnaire to set up their profile. It goes along the lines of a “Do you agree with the Catholic Church’s teaching on…” type of question. The topics to agree or disagree on including Eucharist, premarital sex, contraception, life issues, papal infallibility, Mary, and Holy Orders.


CatholicSingles main page

Another big name in the Catholic dating niche is CatholicSingles. It is the second-largest website after CatholicMatch that focuses primarily on allowing Catholics to meet with each other. The website has a very interesting concept within itself as it tries to let people connect based on their common interests, beliefs, and experiences rather than looks.

Therefore, upon the initial free registration, a new user completes, they are prompted to tell more about themself and take a personality test.

Some of the questions CatholicSingles asks its users to answer include the following topics:

  • Personality traits;
  • family background;
  • spending habits;
  • Praying habits.

On top of that, CatholicSingles also provides its users with a nice and thoughtful set of prompts such as both religion-specific ‘What being Catholic means to me’ and more common ‘My ideal first date’. You can really learn lots about your match just from looking at their profile!


AveMariaSingles main page

AveMariaSingles is a very niche Catholic dating service. It aims at a very specific audience and will be great for everyone who falls into the category of devoted Catholics who are opposed to using contraception and have decided to marry in church. The website ‘pledges to offer a service solely dedicated to helping faithful, practicing Catholics find their future spouse and help them become a better follower of Christ.’


Thanks to the popularity of online dating, it is now possible to find a service for all. Regardless of your dating preferences, you can be sure that there is a place for you to meet like-minded individuals online to date. Catholic dating is no exception to the rule. There are plenty of Catholic adult dating sites and apps available on the web. There are both free and paid subscriptions for you to consider. It is now easier than ever to find your special one for life!


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