A Collection Of The Best Christian Dating Sites

The Benefits Of Christian Online Dating

In the past, the only way to connect with fellow Christians and start dating them was through Church. Today, however, your options are much more diverse. You can easily find the love of your life online. Here are some of the main benefits of going on the web for it:

  • You have access to a greeted dating pool
  • You can be sure the two of you are compatible
  • The process is quicker
  • You can meet a lot of people from the comfort of your house

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How To Choose An Appropriate Christian Dating Site To Use?

Thanks to the ever-rising popularity of online dating, there are currently a lot of different dating sites for Christians. You can opt for both more generic sites that just look at the religion as a prime decision driving factor, or, alternatively, choose to register on more faith-focused platforms.

Regardless of the service you choose, you need to make sure it is a legit dating website that can be trusted. After all, it is in your best interest to ensure you have a pleasant and safe Christian dating experience online.

Some other things you need to take into consideration are the size of the user base of the site you want to sign up to, whether there is a good moderation team in place, how wide is the range of the features the service provides, etc.

Ideally, before you create a profile on one of the sites for Christian dating, you need to run a quick background check and in-depth research to determine whether the service will be suitable for you or not.

However, if you want to go straight to the fun part, you can rely on us. We have compiled a list of the best Christian dating websites for you to join.

The Best Free Christian Dating Sites


main page EliteSingles

The first website on this list of the best Christian dating websites is EliteSingles. While it is not just a Christian dating service and caters to a wider range of people of different backgrounds and religions, it can be used for Christian dating! The reason for this is the advanced mechanisms that allow you to set your preferences in such a way you will only be seeing the people you are interested in. Religion is one of such criteria that you can filter your potential matches in accordance to. Therefore, if you are interested in Christian dating only, you can simply customize your search on the platform.

Another amazing thing about EliteSingles is that this platform is rather exclusive. All the profiles are manually verified, which means you can feel absolutely safe during your Christian dating journey on this website. One of the key attributes of EliteSingles is for the members to be well-educated and professional, which means a lot of them are ready to settle down. It is a website predominantly for looking for serious long-term relationships and not just casual flings, which aligns well with the rules of Christian dating.


ChristianCafe main page

If you want to get familiar with the top Christian dating websites that focus just on Christian dating, you should pay attention to ChristianCafe. This is one of the biggest names in the Christian dating niche. The platform has been around for a while now and has managed to attract a lot of singles interested in meeting love among like-minded individuals.

Faith is, indeed, the primary feature of this platform. Unlike more mainstream services that only allow you to specify the religion of your ideal match, ChristianCafe goes way beyond that! It has an entire prayers section for you to make sure you are fully compatible with your potential matches on the basis of your beliefs and religious views.

ChristianCafe is, indeed, a fully Christian dating website – it obeys the rules of Christianity, which is noticeable in every little detail of the service. For instance, “If you are still legally married, please do not join our site” is the disclaimer you see on the landing page of ChristianCafe before you even get access to the insides of the platform.

One thing about ChristianCafe, though, is that despite being clearly Christian dating oriented, it can also be used in a different way. The service gives its users an opportunity to find other types of relationships. There is an option to look for partners for a platonic relationship, for companionship, for pen-pals, etc.

There are various discovery options to find potential matches. You can either go old-school and look for them manually (you are presented with a great advanced search tool that allows you to look for the members of the site that meet your specific Christian dating criteria) or rely on the site to suggest you options.

ChristianCafe offers a 7-days free trial period, and after that, it is required for you to purchase the paid version.


main page ChristianMingle

Another platform aimed specifically at Christians online is ChristianMingle. Just like the rest on the names on this list, ChristianMingle is a big deal in the world of digital Christian dating. It is, by far, the most popular service among all the Christian online dating sites as it has the largest user base of them all!

Christian mingle is a well-established website that has been in operation for a while now. It has grown to be the first platform that the target audience thinks about whenever they hear the phrase ‘Christian adult dating’. There is a reason for the site’s prominent popularity. First of all, it has something a lot of its faith-based competitors do not – a mobile app! ChristianMingle makes it possible to continue dating while on the go, which gives its extra convenience points.

Speaking of convenience, ChristianMingle is extremely easy to navigate and use. You can use it effortlessly, even if you have no prior online dating experience. The design of the site is clean, user-friendly, with an intuitive interface.

Some of the interesting features that a lot of ChristianMingle members find so attractive and helpful include:

  • The ‘Colour Code’ feature. Each profile has a color assigned to it – either red, blue, yellow, or white. The color is an indicator of the personality type, which is based on the results of a personality test each and every new member is asked to take upon the initial registration. Profile color coding allows you to make your Christian dating experience significantly more time-efficient as you can tell whether you and your potential match would be compatible personality-wise or not.
  • ‘Secret Admirer’ allows you to separate the people who you got a match with – whenever someone likes you back, you get an appropriate notification.
  • ‘Relationship Readiness’ is an extensive and very in-depth questionnaire aimed at assessing your relationship IQ. It provides you with prompts to relationship and parenting behaviors to determine the ones you engage with.

Alongside the aforementioned features that are unique to ChristianMingle, the website can also boast a lot of other, more standard features such as an extensive search tool, ‘who’s online’ indicator, and a whole heap of different means of communication aimed at making sure your online Christian dating experience is complete and exciting.


main page Match.com

Match.com is not a Christian dating website, but, nonetheless, it works great for everyone interested in online dating for Christians. The reason for that is the fact that Match.com is one of the largest online dating services in the industry (not only in terms of Christian dating but digital matchmaking in general), so it has singles of all categories and calibers.

Besides, the platform has one of the most powerful and advanced search tools that allow all members of the website to narrow down their search to the preferred specifics. One of the filters is religion. Hence, if you want to double Match.com, one of the Christian adult dating sites, you can do so by a couple of clicks!

Other than that, Match.com has great moderation and ensures they do everything possible to provide all users with a pleasant and secure experience.


ChristianPeopleMeet main page

Last but not least, ChristianPeopleMeet is a great alternative to the rest of the mainstream Christian dating websites. It is less populated but only because of its relatively young age! ChristianPeopleMeet has only recently entered the market and is currently going through the active growth phase. This is exactly what makes it so exciting and effective for finding Cristian dates. As more and more Christians join the platform, the more and more chances of meeting the right one appear!

One of the coolest features about ChristianPeopleMeet is that you can record a video introduction to add to your profile. It instantly spices up your dating profile and allows you to tell more about who you are, what inspires you, and what you believe in.

ChristianPeopleMeet offers a nice selection of different means of communication so you can connect with your matches in a variety of different ways before arranging a real-life meeting.


Christian dating is a popular branch of online dating, which finds a reflection in the number of matchmaking platforms that offer its services online. However, if you want your experience to be successful and fruitful, you should always be cautious and only choose legit and trustworthy sites to register on. However, once you know which ones are good, it is best you create accounts on several sites at once to boost your chances of finding the one!


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