Top International Dating Sites To Widen Your Romantic Horizons 

Ever since the world started moving towards complete globalization, it has become easier to connect with people who live further away from your hometown. After all, it is not always that your soulmate lives the next door down the street. International dating sites have made it possible to maximize your chances of meeting the love of your life as you are no longer limited to a single location and can find your match made in heaven faster and more effectively! If you know where to look for them, of course.

Things To Know About International Dating

Before this article delves any deeper into exploring all the different ways in which you can become a part of international adult dating, it is important to settle down the key aspects of international relationships in general:

  1. Different cultures mean different approaches to how they date. International dating is extremely exciting, but you need to remember that you have to be open-minded to fully enjoy it.
  2. You are not limited to a single location and can explore your dating world (the pun is intended).
  3. Almost all modern people speak at least some English, so it is a universally accepted practice to use English to date internationally. However, you can speak whatever language you want if both you and your partner are comfortable with that.
  4. International dating is a great motive to travel the world!

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What The Best International Dating Site Should Be Like And Where To Find One

The best way to embrace international dating is to do it online on dedicated websites. There are plenty of foreign dating sites and international dating apps, so you definitely have a wide selection of choices when it comes to picking the platform to register on.

However, with such wild freedom of choice, a certain set of responsibilities comes, too. In order to ensure your experience is a pleasant one, you need to double-check your platform. A good international dating site should have the following attributes:

  • Have a good and wide user base
  • Cover the area you are interested in
  • Provide diverse functionality
  • Be free (most of the times)

The Best Legitimate International Dating Sites

A lot of sites tick the aforementioned boxes. However, if you want to save yourself some time, you can just rely on us and our selection of the hottest international dating sites!

main page is often listed among the top 10 international dating sites because of its popularity worldwide. The user base of this website is extensive, and it only continues to grow. Every day, more and more new users join, trying to find a date locally or overseas.

One of the most famous and effective for international relationships features offers to its members is the advanced search tool. If you have any preferences at all when it comes to dating, you can adjust your search by applying one or several of the numerous search filters to your search. Then, the system will only return you the results that match your criteria best. is great not only for serious dating but it also doubles as one of the best international adult dating sites. Thanks to its vast population of singles, you can meet people of all backgrounds and different intentions. Therefore, if you are interested in securing a casual date in an exotic country, is more than ready to help!


main page zoosk

Even though Zoosk is mentioned in this article among the best international dating sites, it is actually more of a very solid international dating app. Alongside Tinder that offers an international option for extra pay, Zoosk is there to accommodate it for free! The international app is home to 40 million singles across upwards of 80 countries, and this number only continues to rise as more and more new members join it on a daily basis. Furthermore, the service is available in 25 languages, which makes it easy to navigate and look for matches on the other end of the world.

Zoosk is among the best free international dating apps in terms of safety. Despite the fact that setting up a profile on the platforms is so easy and fast, you still do not see too many spammy and fake accounts. The reason for this is the fact there is a verification system in place. Zoosk provides you with several options aimed at verifying your profile, either by phone number, Twitter account, or photo. All three contribute to safer international dating as you can lay back and enjoy your legit matches.

Zoosk is great for people who have someone specific in mind when they embrace international dating. On top of providing its users to select the location of choice, Zoosk also allows them to adjust other search parameters. You can refine your international dating search by the following criteria:

  • Height;
  • Religion
  • Relationship history;
  • Body type;
  • Children;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Education;
  • Smoking preferences.


main page

Thanks to the popularity of international relationships, there are currently many more niche top international dating sites. RomanceTale is one of such sites. It is perfect for those singles whose ideal international dating includes an Asian beauty into the equation.

RomanceTale is one of the largest Asian international dating websites that allow single men from around the world to indulge in a relationship with Oriental beauty. The website is extremely popular among Asian girls, so you can be sure there will be plenty of options to choose from. On top of that, one of the defining features of the international dating experience RomanceTale provides is the exceptional variety of singles registered on the service. It does not just focus on one part of Asia but brings together singles from all across the region instead.

RomanceTale is well-equipped to ensure you have a multinational dating experience as fruitful and convenient as possible. Taking into consideration the fact that for a lot of people in Asia, English is not their first language, the website offers amazing translational services that can eradicate any sort of miscommunication and bring the potential lovers closer together.

RomanceTale makes a cut into the list of the best free foreign dating sites because of it being free to sign up to the platform. You can set up a profile in no time and start looking around the delicious catalog of beautiful Asian singles as soon as you confirm your email address.

The site takes pride in its attention to the safety of its users, so they have a highly skilled team of moderators to keep an eye on the website’s activity.


OkCupid main page

No matter whether you are new to the scene or have been a part of the international dating community for a while now, you know this one. OkCupid is a top international dating site that provides its services to over 4 million singles from all around the world. The user base of this platform is not limited to a single country or even a single continent, so you can truly enjoy a real overseas dating experience.

There is a good reason behind OkCupid’s popularity! The website is aimed at people who are serious about their dating life and are determined to find their perfect match no matter what. Hence, it does everything possible to give such people a chance to find a person that would be just right for them! To begin with, OkCupid is all-inclusive when it comes to the sexuality of its members: there are 22 genders and 13 sexual orientation options on this dating platform.

OkCupid is equipped with a marvelous matching mechanism that helps people to find the most compatible matches. In order to increase the compatibility of the matches, OkCupid designed an extensive personality test in the form of a questionnaire. It collects your answers and analyses them by comparing and contrasting them against the answers of the person whose profile you are viewing. Then, you get to see the compatibility percentage to decide whether you want to give your potential relationship a shot or would rather look for someone with whom you share more common grounds with.

In fact, the compatibility rate is not the only thing you can find out from checking out your match’s profile. OkCupid tried to make dating foreigners as smooth as possible by adding some quirky personality questions that allow users to learn more about their potential matches. For example, you can choose to answer questions as bizarre as “Do you make your bed every day?” to be featured on your profile.

Besides, OkCupid also intends to make dating internationally safe and pleasant. This international dating site only allows you to reach out to the person in front of you if the two of you formed a couple, matched.

On top of everything, it is also important to mention that OkCupid is a genuinely free international dating site. Both registration on the platform and further communication on it are free. However, if you want to further enhance your international dating experience, you can upgrade your membership to Premium.


main page UkrainianCharm

If you ever dreamt of meeting a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian girl to become your partner in crime, Slavic dating is what you need! A lot of ladies from post-Soviet countries are eager to meet a foreign man to date and potentially marry, so their presence on international dating platforms is extensive. You just need to make sure you know which platform is the best fit for you.

UkrainianCharm is one of such high-quality platforms that make international dating not only possible but also very enjoyable! It is a well-populated online dating service with lots of real women interested in connecting with foreign men. UkrainianCharm is equipped just right to accommodate that. It can boast an extensive arsenal of communication tools, all of which facilitate engaging and fruitful communication between the users. On top of that, it also offers a wide selection of additional services to spice up your time dating internationally.


Dating outside of your country is easier than ever – you can find a trustworthy and reliable website to accommodate your needs no matter how niche or specific your preferences are. All you need to do is to set up a profile and have some faith in yourself. And the rest, the amazing international dating websites will do for you!


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